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Our goal, at Bespoke Digital Media is to help business owners and marketing professionals to derive maximum results and ROI by using technology and internet.

Dashboard Statics

Dashboard Statics

Our tech team designs and shares Bespoke SEO Dashboard with its premium clients. Our Bespoke Dashboards save precious time of our clients in digging out SEO data from Google Analytics. With our customised dashboard just a glance is enough to check what you need to know about website traffic and keyword rankings etc. Our Bespoke Dashboards can help you with generating reports as per your needs. Reports generated by our Dashboards are:-

  • Organic Traffic
  • Goal completion analysis
  • Search Engine Analysis
  • Links Building
  • Region wise Traffic analysis
  • Keyword analysis report
  • Referral traffic analysis
  • Page performance report
Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

Pay per click also known as PPC is the best and easiest way to bring traffic to any website by paying for each click that brings in traffic to your website. PPC is also termed as Cost per click (CPC). Our Internet Marketing at Bespoke helps our clients to generate revenue from pay per click ads. We also help our clients with an advertising model that will results in maximum traffic with cost effective ppc campaigns. Listed below are few of the advantages of PPC advertising:-

  • This is the most cost effective technique for generating traffic and revenue
  • Effective PPC campaign can target particular region and audience
  • Easier to analyse ROI
  • Unlike other campaigns this can be customised
  • Quick results
Backlink Management

Backlink Management

Backlinks plays an important role in determining popularity of any website. Backlinks are also termed as inbound links. Backlinks are basically hyperlinks that link one webpage of a portal to your webpage or portal. This can be an internal link between two pages of your website or an external link from or to any useful web portal. Internet marketing team at Bespoke focus on following aspects to ensure effective back linking for your website:-

  • Effective content writing
  • Infographics
  • Submit testimonials for other web portals
  • Blog commenting
  • Link external websites and request backlinking
  • Research
  • Effective Public relations

SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization

What is SEO Optimization? An effective SEO optimization helps in increasing the website traffic. Along with traffic this helps portal with more visibility on all search engines across region. Effectively managed SEO will result in improvement of unpaid results. SEO Optimization techniques practised at Bespoke are listed below:-

  • Comprehensive SEO Audit
  • Complete understanding of user requirement
  • Publish SEO optimized landing pages
  • Use of info-graphics to grow traffic
  • Content optimization
  • Roundup post
  • Share links with high domain authority websites
  • Research and work on competitors SEO keywords
  • Multiple Keywords
  • Regularly update content
Onepage SEO

Onepage SEO

Team Bespoke follows best practices while doing ON PAGE SEO of each and every page of your website. This results in higher ranking for each of your page on targeted keywords. On page not only refers to the content only but also HTML source code of a web page. On Page optimisation has to be finished before going for off-page tools to promote your web portal. On-Page optimization is the most important aspect of Search Engine Optimization.

Our internet marketing team at Bespoke Digital Media carries out extensive SEO audit before initiating on-page optimisation.

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO

Team Bespoke never indulges in black hat SEO techniques to drive traffic to any web portal. At Bespoke Digital Media we strongly believe that although you can earn quick money by using black hat techniques but sooner or later the website will be penalised by Google. This is a known fact that Google keeps on upgrading its ranking algorithm almost daily, and this allows it to quickly identify and penalize portals using black hat SEO techniques to drive results. Basically Black Hat SEO technique is against search engine guidelines.

Rest assured, the team Bespoke will never indulge in Black Hat SEO or any unethical practice.

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